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yet he's such a playboy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Soooooooo, my blog is dead.
Or so you think.
Oh ha ha ha. Well, to me, my blog and I needed a break. Yes, we broke up for awhile.
Laura told me she noticed I didn't post any October post so TADAAA :D
Oh gosh I had an awesome dream.
But I forgot what happened ): :O
And I think God gave me that dream to feel better after Wednesday's training. And it did! I wanted to use Facebook to talk to moo or Josephian to comfort me but I couldn't due to my sister's PW (ooooh, stressful) and so I went to sleep and had that amazing dream. And since I didn't chat with moo or Josephian, they talked to me in my seriously cool dream! And it was like a real life Facebook! OH WAIT -- life is real life Facebook. Ohahaha :D Well, yeah, it was like a real life Facebook in my dream. And I was living the dream? Hmm. That sounds funny.
But like Facebook, people acted weird.
And now while waiting for the laundry, I'm thinking whether I can wake Chris up. I'm sleepy.
And to Judy: I went back because because because, ummm OH! I remember now. I wanted to see how it's changed and see my old friends :D But actually, to tell the truth, the hard core truth, I wanted to eat the food there. IT'S JUST SO TASTY!


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

So I went to St. Hilda's Primary for Teachers' Day. I think almost everyone did, right?
Oh, and my blog's on its way to death. So it'd be cool to talk to myself. Really?
But I bet you guys did not think I'd head back to Rosyth, didn't you?
Yup, I went to Rosyth and it was aweird.

Bad points:
  • Emily and Nicky left us for their friends.
  • Couldn't roam about the school. So kiasu now.

Good points:
  • Saw people I've not seen for four years. Oh my word FOUR years? Wow.
The boys went through the growth spurt! Or did they?
I think that's just the one good point.
Oh, the ride there was nice.

Huh ha huh ha.
And I know there's something wrong with the links, people. You don't have to repeat it for me, right? I'll do something about it...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Awesome song! Way too Aweful! MY NEW WORD!

So I got back from my own personal 'rehab' on Sunday. Away from my family as someone had H1N1. And it was cool.
But before that, Christy and I were at the MacDonald's at the junction in between Bukit Timah Rd and somewhere in Tajong Pagar waiting for our dad to come pick us up. And who would've have known that there'd be so many smart schools around (Um, but of course there were people who knew. It's just that it's a figure of speech.). Anyway, it was like some meeting place for those schools.
There were,
  • St. Joseph's
  • Singapore Chinese Girls'
  • St. Magaret's
  • Methodist Girls'
  • Raffles Institution
  • Hwa Chong
  • ACJC
Maybe more. But yeah. It was interesting. Saw some netballers. Or maybe volleyballers. But whatever.
Yeah, so, we were waiting there for an hour and half. We discussed some serious and some insouciant stuff. The weather was perfect. My kind of weather. Cloudy and windy with the occasional sunshine.
My dad came and we were on our way to my ah-ma's house.
Bukit Batok is like a quiet, secluded, simple lifestyle kind of place. It has nice food! Haha! It's one of my favorite places in Singapore. Aw. I used to go there every holiday, but because of netball and stuff like camps, I didn't visit for some seven months.
I GOT TO PLAY SIMS 3! YES YES YES! HA! HAHAHA! But not for long... Ugh.
I was juggling three books while staying there. Finished two, left one. But I'm not that interested in that one. Anyway, it just so happened (or shall I say coincidental as we had just learnt the meaning of the word today during English) that I was reading books that were set during the 1940s - 1960s. How aweird.

I so love the NDP song! Maybe not so love but just like it. Idk. But some people don't like it...

I ate Fei Fei wanton mee today! With my dad and Christianne. It's becoming like a tradition maybe? Just the three of us and then going to the nonya place to buy treats. :D SO NICE. On the way back, we had a nice talk about the future. Haha.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We had a netball carnival.
Like two weeks ago? Ugh, late.
A netball carnival is an event when schools can participate to have friendly matches with each other.

So the St. Hilda's C div, under the name of SHS<3 style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);"> Singapore Sports School. Yes, Singapore Sports School. Get the words in your head. Singapore. Sports. School.
Anyway, I think we did pretty good. But we could have done better. We did not let the opposition go over 20.
I liked playing with Bowen and North Vista. Haha!

Today was kinda embarrassing for me. I was talking about this person to Natasha, Laura and Christianne when all of a sudden, Christy grabbed my hand and said, "Eh!" And that person walked right past us.
And I had no words to save or make up for what I said. I was literally frozen. But that person just kept walking. So... I'm not sure if that person knew or not... But OH MY WORD! It was a lesson learnt, according to Christianne. But, but, but OH MY WORD!

There was a Youth Camp Afterglow.
And it wasn't what I expected.
It was better.
In a way.
When we did the sharing, our sec one class was the first batch to go there as a batch. So Rebekah was proud of us :D Anyway, when we did our sharing, it was pretty nerve-wrecking.



Saturday, July 04, 2009

Last night, I saw a lizard prey on a big dark cockroach. It got it in the end, I think. Yay :D

I sorta woke up to three people dying. First, it was a church friend. Second, it was Michael Jackson. Third, It was Farrah Fawcett. You guys probably don't know the last one. But she acted in Charlie's Angels in the 1970s.

Hey, hey! Guess what?
Christy had two dreams about this guy.
Then I had one of him.
Then she had another dream of him.

And in all the dreams, he was with our brother. So weird.
And it seemed as if we were like family together.
And it links up.
All of them.

First, he hangs out with us at someplace like Fort Canning.
Second, he eats breakfast with us.
Third--my dream--he plays board game with us early, early in the morning.
Last, he goes to youth camp with us.

It's linked up, isn't it.
He goes out with us and it was too late so he sleptover. He eats breakfast with us. Maybe playing a board game before going to youth camp. Freaky.
He thought of it.
This linked up thingy.
Oh, and the 'us' refers to Bryan, Christianne and me.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's horrible.
Yet nice.
So it's aweird.
I love the feeling.
:O And I'm wearing the camp tee now!

The camp was AWESOME. Way, way too awesome. It was about the end times. Though it may be a freaky subject, the speaker made it more interesting and made it seem less scarier.
Our groups were based on the seven churches mentioned in Revelations and my group was PHILADELPHIA. The name was so mouthful especially when we were playing the bomb game. It sounded more like, "Feely bomb! Feeliphia bomb! Feely bomb to Sardis bomb!" But I like the name.
And I love my group members. They were all nice and supportive :D And when they saw how good I can be at something, they'd cheer me on real loud.
One of my group members was so nice to send me an encouragement card. Haha. In the note, he was like, "You seem tired during group discussions. Do you drink coffee? You should go drink some or I can go help you get." HAHAHA :D I do drink coffee, btw. But so funny! And he ended it by saying, "P.S. You can grow up." Because of my 'I Won't Grow Up' tee! I really love that t-shirt! I know that what he said can seem corny or whatever but it seemed pretty funny to me when I read it.
We played angel-and-mortal. I knew that Christianne's mortal was Rebekah. But I didn't know that Rebekah was my angel! Everyone was laughing hard when it was revealed.

This hangover might be hanging on for some time. And even though I'd never heard 'Touch My Hand' by David Archuleta, it can remind me of the camp. 'Never Say Never' by The Fray also reminds me of the camp. Even though it was never stuck in my head during the camp.

And I know you guys are like, "Why the huhwhat would I want to read this crap from Marianne Chua? She hasn't even replied my tags/tagged me/relinked me." Well, haha to you. And sorry.
So I now owe about half my links tags. I'm so, so sorry. Especially to Su'aidah who has been tagging by when I wasn't replying for ages.

I have a really, really great idea for a story. But the only problem is that I need to get it plotted. I only have a rough idea of it.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

So sorry for not tagging back. I will tag back.
Just keep the tags coming so that it can haunt me :D

ANYWAY, I remember one day, when I was eating breakfast, I was sitting on a chair with one leg up. Then my ah-ma asked me, "Do you like sitting like that?"
I didn't realize at first that I was sitting in that postion. So I answered, "Oh, I don't know."
"My father sat like that."
"Really? Cooool!"
"But I don't. Neither do your parents."
My face was probably like :O. Then I also found out that my cousin and my auntie sits like that too. :O again. It's aweird, isn't it?

CHRISTY & I were late for all the holiday trainings so far. And when you're late, you have to start later. So Christianne and I ran rounds by ourselves and it was kinda cool. No competition and running alone was nice.

WE also had a twin-on-twin interview with the sec two netball twins in facebook. They super fun to be with. And friendly.
After netball training, Tiffany A., Jaime, Peiwen, Nicole, Seraphina and the two pairs of twins were talking at first. Then we played truth or dare. But we drifted off at one truth question and just started discussing about alot, alot of stuff.
Oh, ooh! And, and and! They went to Vietnam too! So we were like comparing all the stuff. Like all.

I'M going to a church camp tomorrow for five days. I guess I'm excited for it. But I also don't want to go. Eesh. Ah, and I haven't packed yet. We're going to Malacca.
I have been living without parents for 35 and a half hours. They're in Bali right now. Their chance for a honeymoon as we were going to be away. Haha. So Julianne's in charge now. She actually sounded grown up when she asked, "So what do you guys wanna eat tomorrow?" She sounded so much like my mom.


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